11 Breath-Taking Shopify Stats: Facts and Figures You Should Know About the eCommerce Behemoth

9 min readJan 9, 2022

Shopify is usually one of the names that come to mind when people talk about the ideal eCommerce company today.

And with good reason too.

Analysts record that Shopify currently has the most prominent eCommerce platform market share in the USA, with more than one in four (29%) online businesses using it to charge up their stores. It is at the top of the US eCommerce pyramid.

In this piece, we share interesting Shopify statistics you need to know in 2021. You’ll get insights into Shopify’s market share, revenue, number of users, traffic trends, and so much more.

Let’s dive right in.

#1: What is the Shopify store average order value?

An Average Order Value (AOV is an eCommerce metric used to “measure the average total of every order placed with a merchant over a definite period.” It’s crucial to note that AOV does not describe gross profit or profit margins. It merely provides insight into how those data come to be.

Two crucial metrics you should always bear in mind when computing an AOV are Lifetime Revenue Per Visitor and Cost Per Conversion.

That said, Littledata surveyed 1,941 Shopify stores in October 2021 and found the average order value for a Shopify store was US$ 81, which is above the industry benchmark of $78.

#2: What is the Shopify store average revenue?

Available data show that earning $226 revenue per customer will get you in the 10% of the best performing stores on Shopify, whereas anything below $33 puts you in the bottom 10%. Shopify statistics underscore that the average Shopify store revenue for 2020 was $72 per customer.

#3: What is the Shopify store average profit?

A survey of 2,025 stores by Littledata in October 2021 shows that the average revenue per customer for Shopify was US$ 87. The report indicates that “anything more than US$ 187 would put you in the best 20% of Shopify stores for revenue per customer, and more than $290 would put you in the best 10%.”

#4: How many apps are in the Shopify app store?

There are 4,938 publicly available apps across the Shopify App Store as of the time of this report. Of these, 2,315 are paid apps, and 2,623 are free to use. Further, 27 apps on the Shopify store were made by Shopify. An average merchant will use about six different apps to run their business. Over 80% of Shopify retailers use third-party apps, and Shopify says its users have installed more than 25.8 million apps.

Shopify said in June that its app developer partners earned $233 million in 2020 alone. And to further spur their earning potential, the eCommerce giant dropped its commissions on app developer revenue to 0%, down from 20%, for developers who make less than $1 million annually on its platform. They aim to reset that benchmark yearly to help developers drive their earnings further.

#5: How many employees does Shopify have?

Shopify now employs more than 7,000 employees and plans to hire over 2,000 more talents this year. Particularly engineering talents.

#6: How many active stores are currently on Shopify?

According to Shopify, there are over 5,300 Shopify Plus stores currently active. And more than 2,297 million functional websites now use Shopify.

Industry data suggests that Shopify merchants run over 1,000,000 businesses in 175 different countries. What’s more? Shopify POS powers over 100,000 merchants.

#7: What are the best Shopify apps to charge up your revenue on Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales are always something every eCommerce merchant looks forward to with much anticipation. Below are some apps that’ll help you make bank this Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

  • JD Sourcing- Source Like a Fortune 500

Get better pricing and shipping to drop-ship your current bestsellers, test new product ideas, and drop-ship products from top brands. Earn the right to drop-ship JD Sourcing products exclusively through the Private Product zone to break a product’s 30-day sales target. Enjoy fast, free, trackable shipping from JD Logistics. Move your best-selling products to US warehouses to improve your customer experience.

  • Chargeflow- The World’s first PayPal Disputes and Chargebacks Automation app

We designed Chargeflow to help e-commerce merchants recover more money.

We use Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to stop payment fraud, recognize when a dispute on a payment occurs and fight those disputes and chargebacks as you’d wish.

That can mean sifting through 450,000 disputes per minute. Instead of relying on your power of logic and writing skills when fighting a payment dispute, which does not work, Chargeflow’s Dispute Automation software pulls from over 50 data points associated with the disputed order to strengthen your dispute.

Onboarding Chargeflow is seamless with the 2-step integration process, and any transaction not resolved in your favor is FREE.

  • Handshake — A wholesale marketplace by Shopify

Behind every handpicked brand on Handshake is a story as unique as yours. Discover your store’s next bestseller from hundreds of independent creators. Free sign-up, free rein. We’re here to help you grow. Wherever in the US you call home, the handshake team is the meeting point for passionate businesses from down the street and across the country.

  • One-click Xero integration — Accurately sync your store data to Xero.

Forget about complicated data spreadsheets & data loss! Sync orders, invoices, customers, products, transaction fees, etc., to Xero correctly. Choose to automatically sync your needed information to Xero or do it manually at your convenience. Set a time range, start syncing & relax. Map your Shopify data to dedicated accounts in Xero quickly & correctly. Manage your synchronization through a sync history.

  • Video Background — YouTube video backgrounds, full-page and responsive videos

Create a visual experience beyond the traditional websites with fancy video backgrounds and other videos that will surprise your visitors. Just as simple as choosing any YouTube video and where you want it. Put it in your image slider or slideshow to make a lovely video gallery — one-click install. No template or code modification is required at all. A visual UI and several video player options make it very easy.

  • One-Click Checkout — Fast Checkout

Show сart items in a pop-up when shoppers click on the Add to Cart button. Send users directly to the checkout! Boost sales by skipping a cart with the Buy Now button. Or provide the standard Add to Cart process. Fewer steps to checkout: remove a time-consuming cart page loading. Buy now at its finest.

  • Show Recent Orders & Social Proof

Sales Pop will boost sales with credible sales notifications! Sales pop as social proof will increase your customers’ confidence! Translatable cart pop-ups will help you if you don’t have many sales. They will show when one adds a product to the cart. Sales pop-up will show your most recent orders and help you boost your sales just like it helps everyone else!

  • Shop Secure — Country Restriction, Disable Right-Click, and Copy, GDPR

Block visitors from certain countries. Block a specific visitor by their IP address. Create a GDPR consent banner to ask for visitors’ consent to cookies and stay GDPR compliance. Disable right-click and keyboard shortcuts in your store. Protect your work from unfair competition.

  • Loyalty, Rewards, and Referrals — Customer loyalty program: points, rewards, tiers, and referrals

Award loyalty points for purchases, sign-ups, subscriptions, birthdays, reviews, referrals, social media likes, follows, and tags. Build a fully customized customer retention program to power growth — start awarding points in minutes. No technical expertise is required. Start building your loyalty & referrals program today with our free plan, including up to 800 orders per month and unlimited loyalty members.

  • Order Fulfillment — Fulfillment, Inventory Management, Shipping, & More

Orders placed before 12 pm go out the same day. 2-day guaranteed shipping is available by using our network of locations in the US and beyond. Custom unboxing? Promo inserts? No problem. We’re here to help your brand shine at scale. Or, use our free plain boxes and mailers. Sync your store in one click, and your products and orders will automatically flow. Then, ship items to any of our warehouse locations.

  • Translate Your Store — Translate your store into multiple languages.

Install Weglot and get an instantly translated store without code. Checkout and dynamic contents are also translated. Manage and edit translations on one platform. Combine automatic and human translations. Collaborate with your team or order pro translations. Weglot follows Google’s multilingual SEO best practices. Your store is automatically indexed in the translated languages by search engines.

#8: What are the best Shopify analytics apps?

Building a business and growing your customer base comes down to having actionable insights that enable you to add value to your customers at every step of the way, make your deliverables faster, get better value for money, among others. The following are some apps that can help you achieve that objective.

  • Web-Stat. Know your visitors!
  • TruConversion Connect.
  • Hitsteps Analytics.
  • Yandex.Metrica Analytics.
  • GetSocial: Sharing & Analytics.
  • Vantage Analytics.
  • StoreView.
  • Analytics Buddy.

#9: What is Shopify earning for 2021?

Shopify posted stellar earnings for Q2 2021. The team reported a $1.12 billion revenue, up 57% on a year-over-year basis. Techcrunch noted that its subscription products grew 70% to $334.2 million, while its volume-driven merchant services drove their top line up 52% to $785.2 million.

Here are more Shopify platform growth by the numbers:

  • The average Shopify conversion rate is 1.6%.
  • Mobile optimization is essential on Shopify as 71% of orders from Shopify Stores come from Mobile.
  • The average visitor spends over 3 minutes on Shopify and visits more than three stores.
  • 17, 683 domains currently run Shopify Plus. Note that merchants can run stores on multiple domains (11,788 distinct merchants currently run Shopify Plus according to Store Leads).
  • Shopify says its customers include major brands like Nestle, Pepsi, Unilever, and Budweiser, innovative brands like Gymshark, Hawkers, Leesa, and celebrities like Kanye West.
  • Shopify is the fifth leading eCommerce platform as of June 2021, with a market share of 7.63%. WooCommercec has 23.07%, and Squarespace Online Store trails closely with 22.36% market worldwide, according to Datanyze.
  • More than 71% of all Shopify live websites are hosted in the USA, while 4.08% of Shopify websites are hosted in the UK, indicates BuiltWith.
  • Shopify says they’ve netted up to $319 Billion in global economic activity.
  • Shopify’s global economic impact is equally incredible. As of late March 2021, the 1M+ businesses that operate on its platform have generated $319 billion.

#10: Which forms of digital marketing bring in the highest conversions for Shopify stores?

Analysts at Shopify highlights that email generates the most referral conversions for Shopify stores at 4.29%. Direct marketing comes in at 2.93 percent and social at 1.81 percent. That indicates that email marketing is not quite dead as many pundits think. Globally 306.4 billion emails were sent and received in 2020, and that number will be 333.2 billion in 2022.

#11: What are the biggest industries on Shopify Plus?

According to Enlyft, the three biggest industries on Shopify Plus are retail (17%), apparel and fashion (11%), and computer software (6%). Computer software makes up the most significant percentage of Shopify market share by industries with over a third (34%) collectively.

Other industries on Shopify Plus include the following:

  • Wholesale
  • Consumer goods
  • Health, wellness, and fitness
  • IT
  • Internet
  • Marketing
  • Cosmetics

That’s all for my list for this installment of 2021 Shopify stats you should know. With one million businesses using Shopify in 175 different countries accruing to $319 billion in global activity, the future looks bright for this company. As the team continues to work on doubling their engineering unit and developing fantastic products and functionalities, we’ll be here to share the journey with you! Feel free to share this article to help others find it, and check out our other copies as well!

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