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PayPal CEO Dan Schulman announced PayPal’s plans to allow Bitcoin for payments early next year. But will Bitcoin acceptance mean more or fewer PayPal chargebacks for merchants?

A number of our readers have wondered what the implication of the recent announcement by the PayPal CEO will be for managing PayPal chargebacks. In this article, we shall provide useful answers to help you plan for the next year.

But first of all, let’s get a better understanding of…

Merchants who do not get wind of this critical policy update will face a significant jolt of surprise when dealing with PayPal disputes.

PayPal just announced a new PayPal merchant policies update, which it says is a way of “encouraging merchants to engage with consumers directly and proactively to resolve disputes, consistent with PayPal’s merchant policies and best practices.”

According to a PayPal newsroom statement, the PayPal merchant policy update is replacing chargeback…

How to win Chargebacks in a COVID-19 world

One of the many unintended side-effects of government-instituted procedures to combat the spread of COVID-19 is the tremendous spike in chargebacks and disputes.

Disruptions in the global supply chain and deliveries, staff shortages during the lockdown, and negative cash flow have resulted in significant delays, and sometimes total failure, in delivering goods and services.

No industry is exempted from the economic shocks of the pandemic. According to Statista, the global Gross Domestic Product…


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